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FIRE THE GRID: We Fired the Grid!

Next Date Jan 13th, 2022


The Next Step

There will be another Fire the Grid event on January 13, 2022. So mark your calendar and we’ll give you information on that as soon as it becomes available.

What can we do between now and the next event?

We can continue, at our convenience, to raise our energy field and contribute to the world grid, and make the changes necessary to create a better and happier future for all.

We start with ourselves. We raise our own field by doing no harm, doing random acts of kindness, listening to uplifting music, finding our joy and expressing our gratitude for this life experience.

Gathering energetically together each day for 5 minutes at 11:11 GMT before the next event.


During this time we can find our joy, practice shooting the grid with powerful positive energy and raise our frequency.


It’s easy to do, just visualize the people around you sitting at a big table filled with good food, happy, having fun, and the children playing nearby, laughing, enjoying being alive, and loving each other, and everybody appreciating the beautiful sunset.



Imagine a perfectly clean world, pure air with crystal blue sky, with whales and dolphins playing happily in the blue-green ocean. Imagine a majestic mountain whose powerful energy emits the joy of life. Imagine that YOU are powerfully emitting your own joy of being alive and everybody else doing the same at the same time. Feel these things as if they are already there, existing in your current life and you will create it. We will create this new positive world together.

2 grey dolphins

Uplifting each other’s grid

Let us come together to uplift each other and change our future! The earth has been in crisis for a very long time. A New Earth is coming where we can live in unity, freedom, abundance and joy, so let’s be high frequency and create it NOW!