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Fire The Grid

How it all started

Why Fire The Grid?

We are now in a time when natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tidal waves are dramatically affecting our planet, and our lives on it. We now have the power to destroy this beautiful Earth quickly, with atomic power, or more slowly, with pollution and devastation of our resources, and overpopulation. I have been guided to tell you that we also have the very real power to save this planet, and to make it a loving and healthy place for ourselves and for future generations. Please take a few minutes to read my story. read more

The Problem

Our world has entered a state of chaos. This earth can no longer support our present habits. She no longer has the resources to supply enough oil, wood or water to sustain all of us living on this planet.

It is not coincidental that I am writing this problem at this time. A prime example of the situation we truly face is looming down on us. The price of oil has skyrocketed and the problem will not rectify itself. read more

The Plan

For the past years light beings have been communicating with Shelley frequently. At first, she was very uncomfortable with this, as it was so foreign to what she believed and how she lived. But as time has gone on, she have grown enormously in her faith in our creator, and it is her belief that there is much more to life than what we generally physically experience. There are other dimensions that are just as real as ours. And there are forces of good that truly want to help us. read more