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Her Story

Cielia is a clinical counsellor residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is also a CE-5 leader and author, helping people learn how to make human-initiated extraterrestrial contact.

Role in Fire the Grid

Three years ago, Cielia offered free counselling to Shelley, to help her complete the book she was writing. Shelley replied, “Never mind the free counselling, I was told by the Light Beings that a dark-haired woman would help me bring my message to the world, is this you?” The question Cielia actually heard was: “Would you like to assist humanity in one of the most powerful projects ever, with an engaging, pure-hearted person who has a knock-em-dead (literally) story that inspired millions to raise their frequency and understand more deeply the truth of who they really are?” The answer was YES! Working quietly in the background, she navigates the digital world to assist Shelley in completing her mission. She is Shelley’s fan, cheerleader, and friend.

CE-5 Mission

Cielia also works on her own self-chosen mission teaching people how to successfully communicate with benevolent extraterrestrials to receive undeniable multiple-witness sightings. She has led a CE-5 team for the last eight years and has met and worked with wonderful people from all over the world who are making human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial and celestial beings.

Her Book

She wrote A CE-5 Handbook: An Easy-To-Use Guide to Help You Contact Extraterrestrial Life. This guide helps beginner seekers do the inner work required to receive UFO sightings. (You can get your free, full PDF of the book, at (, or you can find the hardcopy on Amazon.)

She also created the ET Contact Hub, a central place where you can find free, unique resources from all over the world which can assist you in making contact ( Her passion is to showcase and unite the diversity of the CE-5 movement. She also does this on her YouTube channel, where you can watch interviews with experienced people who share their advice for making successful contact (

Her Favorite Quote

Her favorite quote, repeated often throughout her work, is from Shelley:

“If we do not unite in our similarities, we will surely dissolve in our differences.”