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The Light Beings have asked Samoiya to share a Message for Humanity with the people.

How to cross into the Fifth Field
You are a Light Being in a Human Suit
Living in high frequency
What is the Grid and how does it work?
Three groups of powerful people
And much more...

Samoiya Shelley Yates shares with us a message of hope that she received from the Light Beings who she has been in communication with since her near-death experience in 2002. The message is imperative at this time in history and is meant to help humanity ease our way through these troublesome days.

The Light Beings explained that we are moving from the Fourth Field to the Fifth Field and that we have an opportunity to catapult ourselves into our highest potential. As well, we must know that the only way to enter this high frequency world is to embody the highest emotions of Joy, Love, and Gratitude.

When we raise our frequency to 857 hertz or more, we can cross into the Fifth Field. But many of us need assistance to do that.

We can gather together to exponentially assist anyone who wants to choose a better life. So, to elevate as many people as we can before the full transition to the Fifth Field, we need to flood the junctures with our joy energy. This means that we simply sit together en masse, for one hour on July 19th, 2021 11:11 GMT and pulse the Grid with positive emotions. In doing so, we will send our vote to the Universe. A vote to change this world into the paradise that it once was. A pristine planet, full of beauty, harmony, and abundance for all.

The instructions are very simple, direct and accessible to all. The higher we can set the parameters of the new field, the more we can draw from the darkness. It is an evolution and a revolution. Let’s make a quantum leap. Together we can do this!

About Samoiya

Samoiya is an international spiritual speaker and contactee. She did several interviews and conferences around the world and her story initiated the first worldwide meditation ever to take place on the surface of the globe.

“It’s mind-opening, revolutionary and illuminating. The teachings of the Light Beings are full of wisdom and brings us hope in the future of humanity. Your vision of the world will be transformed forever.” – Anael

Samoyai best

Get Samoiya’s eBook to learn more about the Light Beings and their Message for Humanity.

Enlightening and life changing, this information will help us understand where humanity is heading and how to be part of the change as we shift to the Fifth Field.

About the eBook

“I have a message of hope for humanity. I need to tell you what’s coming, and how to help us…These instructions are for us to help ourselves! It’s free. It’s inclusionary. It’s revolutionary. It’s the way into the Fifth Field. That’s our New Earth. We are New Earth participants. We are the Bringers of Light!”



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