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Earth with glow and hexagones

The Problem

Our world has entered a state of chaos. This earth can no longer support our present habits. She no longer has the resources to supply enough oil, wood, or water to sustain all of us living on this planet.

Also, at this point in history, we are striving to feed millions of people throughout the world. Extreme poverty is rampant, especially in “developing” countries. They say that right now, somewhere in the world a child dies of hunger every three seconds. This is another truth that will befall all of us if we choose to do nothing to change our course. We cannot raise animals or farm on land that is empty and barren, land that is full of pollutants and dematerialized beyond a usable state. This is where we are headed with the farming of both animal life and vegetation.

As twenty years ago we could not fathom running out of oil, many of you cannot imagine us running out of food. We believe there will never be a time that we cannot sustain life on this planet with farming. If you believe that, you are gravely mistaken. Extreme poverty is rampant, please don’t allow the fact that you can only see this on TV to desensitize you from the reality that billions of people are starving to death.

Mother earth can no longer filter the pollutants we created. She is choking to death while we continue to pour more and more toxic solvents into her body. Earth is a living being. She is alive and breathing, yet we continue to treat her with complete disrespect and irreverence. Much like we treat each other. We have plundered the earth to this state of being. Not only have we mistreated and taken for granted our home and provider but we have also done the same to her inhabitants; the animals and plants. A dire future lies ahead if we do not take action. Not enough clean water, wood, or fossil fuels left to continue supplying this planet with human essentials. Explain that to your grandchildren.

Another great concern is that our oceans are changing rapidly: in some places they are warming, in others, they are actually freezing because of the melting polar caps. The melting polar caps are sending millions of gallons of freshwater into a salted ocean and the seas are desalinizing. This means the level of salt in the ocean is diminishing and that in turn means the ocean creatures and their vegetation will die with the new water composition. This is very dangerous to us all as our ocean is the lifeblood of this planet.

The Earth has always changed: once Antarctica had a tropical climate, once Nova Scotia was actually a part of Africa and once dinosaurs thrived everywhere. There is no preventing the natural evolution of the planet. However, with our pollution, we are causing global warming. And with our nuclear testing, we have shifted tectonic plates. And what goes into the vast spaces left underground when we remove the oil from the center of the Earth? We are escalating global changes. The severe and numerous hurricanes we have experienced in recent years are clear signs that we must make changes in how we treat this planet, or our lives will be dramatically altered.

Our world is full of anger and war, humans against humans, destroying the earth, and millions of humans fighting each other in the name of religion and greed. As with our resources, we are carelessly treating each other with hostility, compassion and without regard. The next phase for our warring planet is to take our sickened attitudes into space.

Our governments would have you believe so greatly in global threats that they would risk our dear planet to create war in space. Please remember it is our government’s agenda to raise money for wars. This money sustains the economy but war will create destruction of us all and we must join in unison to insist that our war does not become a cosmic war. If we are to destroy our planet it must remain only our planet and not the galaxy.

I have mentioned several aspects of how we will eliminate the human race from this planet if we do nothing. I am not a chemist or Ph.D. in physics. I am sure many of you are not accredited with expensive degrees either but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to resonate with the truth of my words. I invite you to research further and confirm what you already know–that we are indeed deeply in trouble.

The Light Beings have told me we can leave this darkness behind by saying “Yes” to create a new world. To do this, we start by Firing the Grid on July 19th, 2021, 11:11 GMT, during an energy window open between 11pm on July 18th, lasting until the morning of July 20th. We have a choice about whether we stay in the Fourth Field or go to the Fifth Field. It is possible to program the new field and decide on the future that we want to join. When we Fire the Grid together, we make a quantum leap into the future we want, and we bring as many people as we can, forward into their own evolution and to the new earth, people who perhaps could not meet the frequency bar on their own. It costs nothing but an hour of your time, spent in joy. What have we got to lose?

Fire the Grid: A Message of Hope for Humanity